Visionary Fiction

A beginning…

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The earth is on auto pilot – void of a button to disengage the inertia that drives all of creation across a path fraught with life-altering events. Humanity struggles to break free of the perpetual order that scams the universe as the puppet masters manipulate the strings to tighten their grip. Restricted by unknown boundaries set along an unknown timeline, pieces of the truth seep into our consciousness like an October dawn. Enlightenment seeks refuge in all living creatures and morphs through an invisible web seeking fresh victims with each vibration.


NaNoWriMo Winner!

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NaNoWriMo 2014 Certificate

Creating a Masterpiece in 30 Days or Less!

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Imagination – take me away!
Creativity – spike my coffee!
Perseverance – shape my backbone!

Genre: Visionary Fiction = the Lovechild of Historical & Science Fiction

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A bit of history, a splash of science and if done correctly will equal a believable story that I like to classify as “Visionary Fiction.”

After watching Interstellar yesterday, I’m sure APOTE is on target.

Writing as Fast as I Can

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Repost from April 20, 2013 at 12:06pm

    “I woke up this morning and realized for the first time, I am actually fulfilling my professional writing dreams (sort of).  However, since I didn’t require specific terms, I take what is given and am grateful for the validation of my skills and answer to my lifelong request of the Powers that be. “

Although slightly delayed and far from idealic, this writing grounds me like nothing else I could ever do at this point. It’s unimportant that my ego be stroked as a result of my published words, and truthfully, that’s the main reason good writers fail.  My ego has been chiseled to the point of non-existance and it feels liberating.  Fulfillment comes in knowing my words, thoughts and storytelling skills are valued and will be read by others. I take comfort in knowing my words might shake a free thought loose from a reader or encourage someone to look up and be inspired to reconsider some aspect of their life.  Yes, Visionary Fiction is alive and well and for sale to the highest bidder.

The graphic design education is truely the butter cream icing on top of my custom-ordered cake.  Before I’m done with it, they’ll be brilliant fuchsia roses and bleeding heart blossoms to honor Mom and Dad.  It will have lots of chocolate because I like it that way.

This story is far from over.  A keystone event requires full documentation.


The Ghost

Ghostwriting In Mississippi




Terra Nova Papers – Journal Entry 08-04-2052

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Place: Terra Nova
Date: August 04, 2052

Thirty years ago, I led a group of people based on a leap of faith. The words of a stranger convinced them to walk away from their lives, climb into a space shuttle and only look back long enough to watch the Earth implode onto itself.

We traveled for thirty-four hours and landed safely on a dormant planet wreathed in misty clouds. The climate was acceptable and the air was safe, so a new frontier was established to support our existence. Extreme loss triggered an intense desire to live. Collectively, the colony accomplished many small miracles and a handful of big ones.

We were driven by faith and circumstance to create and sustain our personal bests and are now all resident benefactors of a utopian society. Strengths are enhanced and weaknesses denied as relationships flourish within the group. The permanency of the situation gives everyone reason to be authentic. Stripping away the entrapments of a material life leaves ample room for everything else to emerge.

Still, unspoken dreams of returning to Earth persist. For the first time since our arrival, I think it might actually be possible.
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