Terra Nova Papers – Journal Entry 08-04-2052

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Place: Terra Nova
Date: August 04, 2052

Thirty years ago, I led a group of people based on a leap of faith. The words of a stranger convinced them to walk away from their lives, climb into a space shuttle and only look back long enough to watch the Earth implode onto itself.

We traveled for thirty-four hours and landed safely on a dormant planet wreathed in misty clouds. The climate was acceptable and the air was safe, so a new frontier was established to support our existence. Extreme loss triggered an intense desire to live. Collectively, the colony accomplished many small miracles and a handful of big ones.

We were driven by faith and circumstance to create and sustain our personal bests and are now all resident benefactors of a utopian society. Strengths are enhanced and weaknesses denied as relationships flourish within the group. The permanency of the situation gives everyone reason to be authentic. Stripping away the entrapments of a material life leaves ample room for everything else to emerge.

Still, unspoken dreams of returning to Earth persist. For the first time since our arrival, I think it might actually be possible.
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Release The Hounds

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2011 029

Dad used to say that you can always judge the level of kindness a person has by the way they treat their pets and other animals.  Dog and Cat lovers range high on the kindness meter because of their unending devotion to mankind’s best friends.  Sometimes, I have  conversations with my dogs, in which they communicate through body language, facial expressions and even vocal sounds. They instinctively know when I’m sick, sad, hungry, tired or upset and are readily available to offer their support with a paw, a smile, a nuzzle or bark.  Equally perceptive during happy moments, their tales create joyful breezes that can clear a coffee table with a few strategic wags.  They provide nightly patrols to ensure my safe slumber and would defend me if it became necessary.  What’s not to love?

I’ve never forgotten Dad’s gauge of a person’s character since it has yet to be proven wrong.

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Is Seeing Believing?

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“It is impossible not to believe what you see

but it is equally impossible to see what you do not believe”

– A Course in Miracles

This statement from the Course has far reaching truth, well beyond the scope of core spiritual beliefs.  With so many new discoveries beyond our blue world, who can really say what lies ahead for future generations. The NASA Kepplar image above is of a newly-discovered Earth-like planet. Open-minded perceptions make the limits of our gravitational hold to this planet seem less important.

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Motivational Speech of the Week

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After tangling with the tiger, I was anxious to dig into Wednesday’s class and focus on HTML. Instead, our class began with a visit from the Dean of Technology, whose mission was to convince any of us that were considering withdrawal from any of our classes, to seek professional help through campus resources, aka, certified counselors. Although his message was important, the more he spoke, the less motivated I became, since, according to the dean. my chances of getting hired or completing my educational goals are slim to non-existent, based on my age category.

After removing my cloak of invisibility, I bit my tongue to avoid screaming and later realized the dean should have bitten his. As the Dean of Tech, one would expect him to be more open-minded about the opportunities that exist in the digital world, where sex, race, religion and yes….even age, are secondary to proven job skills and life experience. I’ve never been a believer in statistics, – it reeks of conformity.

Needless to say, I am proving him wrong everyday. Be careful where your motivation comes from – there are lots of landmines out there.

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Ghostwriting in MS

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lw339three-spheres-ii-1946-lithograph[1]                 I’m currently juggling two jobs, school and managing an ever-growing household.  It was just supposed to be me…NOT!

 Learning the ins and outs of HTML this semester and now I’m starting this Word Press blog to document my progress.

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