About the Ghost

I offer a diverse range of services focused on developing and promoting business concepts from the inside out, including design conception through APOTE’ and execution of business image, physical work space, and an updated online presence to enhance and complete your efficiency and image transformation, including supporting media with cutting-edge updates and original articles,  presentations, whitepapers, press releases, website development and social media content for individuals and firms that seek to expand or improve their spatial workspace image and/or online presence.

By pinpointing the essential elements necessary to attract new business, while maintaining an existing client base, your business model will expand to include a diverse range of fresh customers. Expertise includes an emphasis on professional image, workspace productivity improvement, logo design, business staging strategies, efficiency management tools, and more. Beyond that, expert representation is offered for a diverse range of products and services.

As a writer, I also research, create and contribute non-fiction content and write fiction that adheres to a strict level of anonymity –  ghostwriting services  – for book publishers and other professionals. This includes many details that are a component of good web design.

  • Graphic elements utilizing features of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Microsoft Office, Power Point, Word & Excel
  • Original video, charts and tables with referenced research
  • Press Releases, White Papers and Book Proposals
  • Social Media and SEO content, including active linking & monitoring of search engine optimization
  • Web Site design that optimize creative content & appealing layout 

A recent ghostwriting project paired me with a nationally-recognized, award-winning specialist in the gerontology field whom entrusted me with the task of researching and writing a 130 page, comprehensive longevity guide, including original press release, book cover content, graphics, charts, visual aids, resources and hyperlinks for print and online publication. My client’s book launch includes a national keynote speaking tour based on the content and accompanying planning guide that I developed based on her concept and project vision, for which I was awarded 5 stars. You can read her personal comments along with that of several other clients by visiting my Freelancer portfolio.

I am always open to accept new projects. During my spare time, I love to write fiction and poetry and always have a few active journalism and multi-media projects on the back burner.

Self-Publication Insights:

The reality of the publishing business is that many great authors should have been published, but the cost to promote publication has been prohibitive for the publishers, agents and the writer – until recently.

Anyone can instantly publish and promote an online report, journal, expose’, biography, cookbook, diary, how-to book or novel through self-publishing companies like Kindle Direct and be paid for doing it.

The unending desire to create original and compelling content – as well as strong marketing skills – merge toward mutual success. Online publication has expanded the potential for writers to be judged on the merits of their writing skills for little-to-no cost. What gets published, read and shared, is now a decision guided by the readers, not just the publishers.

This ghost story is far from written, as I soak the ether with graphic and web design skills to expand my professional contributions within the digital world. I’ve also had my share of grunge writing, which included describing an entire Spanish home decor catalog, item by item, from an American interior designer’s perspective. How many times can you make a towel sound exciting?  I’ve also contributed content and design for the international website of an innovator in the technology field, and created several interesting press releases for some high-profile talent.

When you’re ready to improve the quality of your workspace, online presence or perhaps create an eBook, discuss your idea with the ghostwriter to ensure what you publish is worth that extra mouse click. Please use the contact page to send a message or request a quote for your next web project.

Fading out for now,

The Inside Ghost


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