Month: April 2014

Seeking Inspiration

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The intoxication of seamless words arranged in faultless harmony perpetually delights my literary senses like a fine wine rolling across a discerning tongue. For as long as I can remember, I’ve drooled over phonetic infusions, becoming mindfully euphoric when flawless endeavor sustains my avid writing addiction.

A passionate embrace, a perfect rose, or a plateful of Cajun-spiked gulf shrimp, all evoke similar responses, but only the collaboration of well-chosen words can arouse my mental pleasure zone.

Manifested writing elicits curiosity regarding an author’s inspiration.  Many great writers describe their muses with the affectionate dependability of an intimate friend. Their disciplined relationships reliably sustaining flawless style allows me to track my own fleeting steps toward literary perfection. The significance of morning clarity, evening calm, superb music and self-imposed solitude further the cause. Enticed by the creative quest, I adopt a mantra focused on literary nirvana — the moment of truth when all will be revealed.

Poised for enlightenment, subsequent days are welcomed with youthful verve, responsive to each subliminal sign. Transcendence endows a wilted rose, a dispassionate glance or yesterday’s tuna casserole with the power to ignite my thoughts.

Revelations prognosticate a wise world where the disadvantaged offer the most insight into our self-inflicted wounds. Creative response pulsates within me as writing hurdles are conquered far from any beaten path. Surrendering pretense unearths a treasure trove sustained by my sensual muse, sagaciously guiding my nomadic pilgrimage.

Acknowledging her presence provides a fresh set of eyes to seek the messages hidden within the recesses of lives unfolding.

Inspiration? It’s just a glance away.




Writing as Fast as I Can

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Repost from April 20, 2013 at 12:06pm

    “I woke up this morning and realized for the first time, I am actually fulfilling my professional writing dreams (sort of).  However, since I didn’t require specific terms, I take what is given and am grateful for the validation of my skills and answer to my lifelong request of the Powers that be. “

Although slightly delayed and far from idealic, this writing grounds me like nothing else I could ever do at this point. It’s unimportant that my ego be stroked as a result of my published words, and truthfully, that’s the main reason good writers fail.  My ego has been chiseled to the point of non-existance and it feels liberating.  Fulfillment comes in knowing my words, thoughts and storytelling skills are valued and will be read by others. I take comfort in knowing my words might shake a free thought loose from a reader or encourage someone to look up and be inspired to reconsider some aspect of their life.  Yes, Visionary Fiction is alive and well and for sale to the highest bidder.

The graphic design education is truely the butter cream icing on top of my custom-ordered cake.  Before I’m done with it, they’ll be brilliant fuchsia roses and bleeding heart blossoms to honor Mom and Dad.  It will have lots of chocolate because I like it that way.

This story is far from over.  A keystone event requires full documentation.


The Ghost

Ghostwriting In Mississippi




Turning A Corner

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I’m in the final days of my latest higher learning adventure. It has been an enlightening experience that has endowed me with new skills, such as graphic design and a refresher on others, like the latest Microsoft Applications. No matter where you are in your life, I highly recommend brushing up your skills or learning some new ones to keep your mind tuned to the latest industry innovations, as there will be no stopping the technology engine now.

The White Room

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Your Host, Our Most Gracious,

Extends Greetings and Elations,

 The Honor of Your Presence is requested

By Acceptance of This Invitation


  Personal Gifts Accepted

   * * * * *

Welcome & Please

Make yourself at home

The Host will arrive soon

If there’s anything you need

I’m here to assist you

Your comfort and happiness

Should never be an issue

Have you a gift yet?

You must give the Host something you possess

Choose the item carefully

Only you can decide which is best

Perhaps it’s your love, fear, crime or addiction

He will accept your gift

No matter blessing or affliction

So think carefully and listen

Hear what your soul wants to give

Whatever this thing is that you offer

Let it tell how you live

Before the Host can enter your space

This empty white room needs making

His resources are at your disposal

For this undertaking

These plain white walls are

Yours to create & yours to design

While painting your masterpiece, will you stay inside the lines?

Just put your best foot forward

Remember, He must enter and see it too

This empty room must serve a purpose

Shall it become a business, a stage, or perhaps a home?

It’s yours to decide

It’s yours to own

Fill this room with people

Throw a party or perhaps breed a clan

Just make sure your guests are ones

The Host will understand

The Host will come when you are ready

He’ll pay a visit to you

To see what you’ve created

What you hold to be true

I’ve come to observe your room that was once pure white

Is that the color of envy?

Perhaps the green is too light

Obviously you’re under construction and feeling rather faint

He’ll understand

In fact,

He’ll provide the fresh paint

I’ll return for a preview of what the Host will partake

Best wishes with the renovations you’re planning to make

Now your room shows progress, taste and style

Glad you’ve found someone that wants to stay for a while

What about the interior crawls?

Better check on the plumbing and wiring inside those walls?

Finally, this room is filled with people

All important in your life

Behind closed doors,

Unresolved conflict sustains strife

Perhaps some additional space would grant reprieve

After all, a soul’s gotta breathe

I’ll come back later

You’re getting the hang of it now

The Host will be anxious to understand

The who, the what, the how

I see this room is overflowing

In blessings, great and small

You’ve filled it to the brim

You obviously have it all!

Oops! Don’t look now

The ground floor’s crumbling

Quick grab tight of every loved one and youngling

Did you include enough love in your reservoir?

Where do you draw from?

What’s beneath your show of armor?

There’s still time to fix the damage

No real harm done

Nothing you can’t manage

You can always ask the Host for help

He’s very receptive to the disadvantaged

Now I like what is seen, felt and known here

You’re learning life’s lessons

That’s become quite clear

Before I leave, before I go

There are a few things you really should know

I’ve been your conscience, your heart, your soul

I’m your Spirit self

Together we sustain our infinite whole

So always remember, I’m right by your side

Watching you grow and pacing your stride

The Host will appreciate your colorful venue

When the time comes, remember His gift

Make sure it’s from deep down inside you

Enjoy what you have now

Treasure what you’ve built

The Host only knows when it could all go off tilt

I’ll check back later

For now, you’re doing fine

Oh, by the way

I’m glad you decided to ignore the lines

     * * * * *




If God Had A Face

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Mr. Cliven Bundy sure did bring it out in this video as he spoke with eloquence about the natural resources and beauty that surrounded everyone. Pay close attention to the clouds over Mr. Bundy’s shoulder at about 3:40 minutes into the video, which was shared from a live feed. The other speaker did not evoke such a response from the atmosphere! SHARE THIS IF YOU CARE or DARE! This video has not been altered.


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Clinging to winter, longing for spring, needing the summer, edging toward fall.