Month: November 2013

The Power of Words

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Escher Still Life with Spherical Mirror 1934

The power of words and how they are used…….

A woman without her man is nothing.
A woman. Without her, man is nothing.


5 Things About You

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stocking-feet-image[1]…..After reading several responses and invitations to a shared social media trend, I’ve decided to participate by revealing 5 or more facts about myself.
1. I have two sons that are 17 years apart.
2. My paternal grandmother only spoke Spanish and my maternal grandmother only spoke French.
3. I’m left-handed and ambidextrous in many tasks, and favor my right brain by 67%.
4. Fourteen years ago, I walked away from an established free-lance career in the New Orleans area and moved my family to a rural environment because of a shift in consciousness.
5. I was educated in all girls classrooms and schools by Catholic nuns (2 orders) up until my high school graduation, and briefly considered joining a convent.
6. My philosophy: (abbreviated version)

        Life is a gift — don’t waste it.
          All life is connected – yet individual & unique.
            War would not exist if it was a punishable crime.
            There is a better way & it has nothing to do with politics.
            Freedom isn’t free, but earned through sacrifice.
            We are all our brother’s keepers.
              Embrace happiness & peace and it will prevail.

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Maynard James Keenan in Brazil, aka PUSciFER

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A powerful message best experienced under the influence of a spirited brew. For optimal multi-dimensional absorption, imbibe on Mr. Keenan’s latest theatrical offering by a master musician and wine connoisseur’s personally-cultivated-and-serenaded private reserve label. Spirits are indeed present for this tribute to mankind’s misguided obsesses and sensual delights that also addresses high-maintenance women with specific irreverence. Redemption is possible as Puscifer seeks to blame the Steppford-wife syndrome on the agendas of selfish corporate mongrels– thereby breaking the evil spell and cutting the cords to free the masses with his melodic wake-up call. The band functions as a symbiotic entity and all members perform with equal zeal. The songs “Horizons,” “Breathe,” and “Dear Brother” are haunting beyond words. Stay on-board for the entire feast to experience “Man Overboard,” an indescribable presentation with compelling undertones. Don’t be put off by the name Puscifer, whom is merely the messenger delivering somber prophecies and revelations that empower the sheep to slay the wolf. MJK always entertains with a spark of raw genius, while sharing compelling perspectives under the guise of his alter accomplishments, including Tool and A Perfect Circle. No doubt, this year, Mr. Keenan has delivered the best of his authentic, original style to satisfy our ever-discerning palate.

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Victoria’s Cove

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A dozen wooden easels saluted the ocean’s demise.   Invisible muses whispered the cove’s secrets to twelve artists, each tasked with washing away morphing shadows on the spiraling tower.

The timeless structure was carved out of stone and masonry which fused its curved Gothic architecture into the jagged ocean cliff with a winding stone staircase leading down into the Cove. Morning sky pink kissed ocean blue as a faint crescent moon melted into the atmosphere with the arrival of the sun. The light play within the cove’s landscape and tower were the subject of each canvas, yet no two were alike. Each interpretation was absolute and eerily precise in each artist’s mind. The dark grays and tans infused in the merger between man and nature were conjured by diversity. Individual interpretations cast shadows on the stone tower and defined the perimeters between light and dark, demanding acknowledgment of their respective place in each artist’s view. Some granted the light generous reprieve spun in golden amber. Others manifested the dark by infusing the monolithic structure with shadowy outlines.

 Liquid lace scallops deposited endless strings of translucent pearls floating a bead of iridescence along water’s edge inside the cove as seashell scavengers paid daily homage to the visual splendor. The temporary artist encampment captured the curiosity of Elliot Bass, a local historian with over three decades of beach sand crusted inside the lining of his windbreaker. He was suddenly overcome with strange terror while observing the artistic renderings.

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