Month: August 2013

Motivational Speech of the Week

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After tangling with the tiger, I was anxious to dig into Wednesday’s class and focus on HTML. Instead, our class began with a visit from the Dean of Technology, whose mission was to convince any of us that were considering withdrawal from any of our classes, to seek professional help through campus resources, aka, certified counselors. Although his message was important, the more he spoke, the less motivated I became, since, according to the dean. my chances of getting hired or completing my educational goals are slim to non-existent, based on my age category.

After removing my cloak of invisibility, I bit my tongue to avoid screaming and later realized the dean should have bitten his. As the Dean of Tech, one would expect him to be more open-minded about the opportunities that exist in the digital world, where sex, race, religion and yes….even age, are secondary to proven job skills and life experience. I’ve never been a believer in statistics, – it reeks of conformity.

Needless to say, I am proving him wrong everyday. Be careful where your motivation comes from – there are lots of landmines out there.

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Ghostwriting in MS

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lw339three-spheres-ii-1946-lithograph[1]                 I’m currently juggling two jobs, school and managing an ever-growing household.  It was just supposed to be me…NOT!

 Learning the ins and outs of HTML this semester and now I’m starting this Word Press blog to document my progress.

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